Do you know the difference between pledging and hazing? Pledging is a commitment made by a candidate for membership. Hazing is the physical or mental assault on a candidate for membership. In other words, a soror CANNOT "pledge" a candidate. Most activities that are engaged in that a soror considers as "pledging" a candidate are, in actuality, the HAZING of a candidate.

Does hazing make a better member of the sorority? Cases can be made for both sides of this story, since I was hazed as a candidate and I consider myself to be a pretty dedicated member of Delta Sigma Theta. However, what happened to my line sisters who were also hazed? Of the nine of us, I know of only one other who remained active with Delta even FIVE YEARS after being initiated..

What about my "big sisters" who hazed me? I also doubt if ANY of them are still active... Does anyone know of an active soror from Delta Pi during the 1976-77 school year?

I attended the 2001 Southern Regional Conference in Biloxi, MS and saw two of my "big sisters". One of them was the current president of her chapter! I bet the other chapter members don't know about her "undergraduate activity"... she pretended not to know who I was... I'm glad, since I don't know what I would have said to her if her approach to me wasn't one of apology.

What is the purpose of hazing? Since I've already ruled out that it makes a more dedicated soror, does it make a more KNOWLEDGEABLE soror? Not in my case. I learned ninety percent of what I know about Delta from the sorors in Baltimore Alumnae Chapter, after I graduated. The only thing my "haze-crazy" big sisters taught me was how to step, walk in line, and to DISLIKE THEM. I lost respect for women who I had at first admired.

When will the hazing stop? Hazing is sick behavior. Sickies attract sickies. I saw a movie once where a candidate for membership who was not "all there" was hazed. This candidate massacred the hazers, in revenge. Lots of candidates for membership have been hazed. Maybe it's time for them to "turn the tables" on the hazers. Joining a greek-letter organization is not worth dying for!

I have been "big sister" to at least ten lines since my induction - both as an alumnae chapter member and as an undergraduate advisor. I am proud to say that I have never hazed a single candidate for membership. In fact, I have, on several occasions, publicly confronted and chastised sorors who have hazed in my presence. Chapters notorious for hazing do not invite me to their membership intake functions... and discourage their applicants from corresponding with me. 

Delta Sigma Theta was formed based upon Christian principles... yet my pledge period was filled with degrading, insulting, and demeaning acts from my big sisters. Plain and simple - I HATE HAZERS. If you are a hazer, I think you are the scum of the earth. Whether it be physical or mental, hazing a candidate for membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is illegal. It's my hope that all hazers will be reported to the police and charged with assault... and then have their membership REVOKED.


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